Renovation and remodeling

It is necessary to renew ourselves and our home should
completely be in tune with us


A renovation can be remodeling a space or creating a new one.
All these changes are positive so the process
should be comfortable.
We want to help you feel this way so we take care of everything. We will first schedule a preliminary visit to see the state of your house.
When we have a look at renovations from this positive perspective we can consider all the posibilites the space has to offer. We will measure the space to suggest the new distribution.
At all times the team of professionals will advise you in taking
decisions, contributing with ideas and solutions that we will add to the initial phase
of the project.


Our detailed quote is a firm cost of the project that includes all the work from beginning to end for the renovation of your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your house. Aspects such as the cost for demolition and debris, the new electrical installation, the enclosure of spaces, plumbing, painting, etc. are all included in the quotation.

Reformas integrales en Tenerife


Carry out distribution plans.

Carry out technical plans (electricity, plumbing, etc).

Demolition, cleanup and debris removal, where all the
unnecessary elements will be removed.

Partitions, elements of work and facilities, with the setting up of
new walls and partitions, stairs, ramps, work shelving,
soundproofing, insulation, etc.

Electrical, water, heating, air conditioning installations,
drains, etc.

Wall remodeling: painting, wallpapering or installing panels.
Change of floor or installation of parquet, flooring or stoneware.

Placement of doors, frames, kitchen cabinets, cabinets, railings
stairs, etc.


We have the best financing methods for you,
up to 60 months

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we will be happy to send you a free quote.


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