Kitchen renovation and customized design. We carry out a study to design the kitchen in a personalized way with the best finishing.

The kitchen is one of the warmest spaces in our home. We want you to feel comfortable and  enjoy it with your family members.

We will design and customize it completely to suit your needs. If you want to design your own kitchen, we will help you throughout the process. We provide a team of professionals who will guide and advise when designing the custom home kitchen of your dreams.


Design and manufacture of all kinds of furniture for any room in your home in any style you want, let it be modern,
rustic or minimalist.

Furniture fills the spaces of our home and give life and style. It is important that we feel identified with them. In addition they must adapt to the space, be functional and ergonomic to fit perfectly.

Our expert team with years of experience in the field will put together elements to create a custom-made furniture: dimensions, materials, colores, finishes and details.


Refurbishment services of bathrooms, kitchens, interiors and residential properties in Tenerife. We offer the best financial options, upto 60 months.

When you give your space a new life, we keep it’s essence and experiences but we also add new ones to evolve just as we do.
At some point you surely must have thought about renovating a space  of your home but you must have also considered all the dust, noise, the hassle of choosing and buying the materials and most probably ended losing interest in improving your house. We will make the process easy by taking charge of everything, guiding you from the beginning to satisfy your needs.


We offer you a wide range of models and materials within your reach including vinyl,
wood & laminate flooring.

It’s important to take firm steps in life and the best way is by walking around with a secure, comofortable floor that can guarantee durability and quality during a long period of time.
We have a wide range of floors to offer you, with a diversity of materials and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and style. For example, have you ever dreamed of stepping on a warm and firm oak wood floor? Well, it’s time to fulfill your wishes and we want to help you.


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“My experience with this company has been unbeatable. The staff is very profesional and is always providing solutions to choose the best option.
the best option. El personal muy profesional y siempre

aportando alternativas para llegar a la mejor opción. The length of time has been correct, taking into account that it is not an ikea piece of furniture that you assemble yourself. You have to know how to differenciate. If I have to reform my house again, or need custom made furniture,etc… I am sure I will go back to Nortycod.

Emma María Díaz

Google Review

“The best place to plan and make your kitchen, I have seen similiar prices but the service is outsanding, 100% recommended!”

Ricardo González 

Google Review

“The truth is that the attention is very good. They explain everything to you and the kitchens are beautiful. I am longing to see how mine looks. Thanks.”

Decires Bautista

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“The truth is that the attention is very good. They explain everything to you and the kitchens are beautiful. I am longing to see how mine looks. Thanks.”

Necires Bautista

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