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Nortycod is a company located in the north of Tenerife. The company arises 15 years back with great enthusiasm as a personal project of  the founder who has taken care and pampered every minor detail to offer the best attention, service and quality finishing. We maintain the values that identify our company, accompanied with the best professionals who are at your entire disposal.
We started with 3 employees and gradually our family has grown. This fills us with satisfaction and enriches us day to day. We hope to grow by your side and that you accompany us along this road.


We began with kitchens. Gradually we advanced and included flooring, furniture design and comprehensive reforms. We also started working for different areas in the island Tenerife and eventually expanded to all Canary Islands.

We are passionate about kitchens because they are the heart of the house, where you can find the warmth of the family. Reunions and shared meals gives us enjoyable moments which forms part of the essence of life. Therefore, we pay special attention, to the materials we use, the style, the finishing and the minor details that give life and charisma.
We renovate, design and manufacture from beginning to end.

We also install wooden parquet, laminated floors, etc. so you can step hard with all the security of getting where you want to be. The furniture fills our rooms, giving them personality, according to the every person’s style and preference.  We are sure you have wanted a furniture and you have not been able to find it in any shop, so we would like you to have it. We design the furniture of your dreams, including custom-made to measure.

Renovation helps us to bring a new atmosphere to  the rooms that have been left a little behind to use them again and feel like the very first day. If you have any room that you want to reform, we can help you with this project.

Our home is where we spend most of the pleasant, intimate moments so we must take care of it to make us feel good.

diseño innovador en Tenerife


We take care of all the details in our designs to adapt your home.  We consider and design each corner  bestowing it with unique personality and style.  We offer the latest and innovative interior design trends.

We put at your disposal all our creativity, experience and professionalism to guide you during the process and advice you on the choices you may have to take. The difference when working with an expert is the correct approach and the identification of you real needs in the initial draft. That is the only we can guarantee the satisfaction of our clients from the start of the project.

We design functional, erogonimic spaces, 100% adapted to your needs, aesthetic and avant-garde, to give life to your home and all your rooms.

We also have exclusive, high-end lines of purity and refined style that will adapt to the most selected corners of your home, making a difference in materials and finishing, in addition to having  unique designs.

Interior and exterior finishing are both important: drawers, LED lighting and backlight,
drawers with push to open with soft close, drawer dividers to enable storage,
all kind of finishing, great variety of colors to chose from, combination of materials, etc.

 Start designing with us today  your rooms, where you will create and live the best and most intimate moments of your life.


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We guarantee our furniture for 5 years. It is possible that over the years and the daily  use of the furniture, they may suffer minor misalignments and damage.
This should not be concern for you as we will always give you the best possible solution. At Nortycod we don’t limit ourselves to selling. We will always be at your disposal for what you need or for any anomalies that may appear.

Ponemos a tu disposición soluciones innovadoras que se adapten a tus necesidades y gustos. Te brindamos la oportunidad de personalizar las funcionalidades y diseño de tu cocina o cualquier otra estancia de tu hogar. Todo ello dentro del mínimo plazo posible y al mejor precio.

We provide innovative solutions that best adapts to your needs and taste. Our work does not end until you fully enjoy our product, that is until the assembly process has not been finished with  maximum guarantee.  Delivery and assembly will be carried out by qualified professionals, who will take care of even the finest detail.


We offer you flexible ways for buying and paying. At Nortycod we adjust to your possibilities. We offer different financing options which help you decide when, how and in how many terms would you like  to make the payments.

For reforming, we have the best financing method for you, up to 60 months.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that may arise.


We have gradually grown to become a family  who  works day to day as a team and full of enthusiasm to offer you the best.  Nortycod would not be what it is today if it were not for the people that make it,  both the professionals  who work for the company and all the clients who have trusted in us over the past years. We thank them for being part of this family.


“My experience with this company has been unbeatable. The staff is very profesional and is always providing solutions to choose the best option.
the best option. El personal muy profesional y siempre

aportando alternativas para llegar a la mejor opción. The length of time has been correct, taking into account that it is not an ikea piece of furniture that you assemble yourself. You have to know how to differenciate. If I have to reform my house again, or need custom made furniture,etc… I am sure I will go back to Nortycod.

Emma María Díaz

Google Review

“The best place to plan and make your kitchen, I have seen similiar prices but the service is outsanding, 100% recommended!”

Ricardo González 

Google Review

“The truth is that the attention is very good. They explain everything to you and the kitchens are beautiful. I am longing to see how mine looks. Thanks.”

Decires Bautista

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“The truth is that the attention is very good. They explain everything to you and the kitchens are beautiful. I am longing to see how mine looks. Thanks.”

Necires Bautista

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